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The Portfolios

These are the portfolios of my best art photography. The first is a portfolio of Petrified Wood, in which one can see the fossils up-close, with Agate.

Petrified Wood
Petrified Heartwood
    Thunder Eggs
Thunder Eggs

Welcome to the Portfolios!
These are selections, by topic, of my best nature photography.

Special thanks to Steve Walag, who taught "Photography as a Fine Art Form"
at Riverside Community College (California), summer of 2012.
He taught us about Genres (of which Abstract is one), and about Portfolios.
The Petrified Wood and Crystals and Thunder Eggs Portfolios were developed as an assignment for this class.

Being a self-taught and self-motivated photographer is great, but the time comes for a class!
Good classes are not hard to find.

Special thanks also to my fellow students, who helped me see that abstract art is a great adventure.
From them I learned to ask "Why does something catch my eye, and why do I want to share a certain shot?"
I saw that sharing an idea is not so difficult, that art which communicates is quite doable.

Mark Wanamaker, Nature Photographer