Socket Go-Bot


There they are, waiting ... to:

Not to mention reading those tiny numbers anywhere outside the photo-studio!

1 socket

We have another "Go-Bot", to take one shape in storage, and another in use.

There is a peg for each socket, and the biggest possible labels for the sizes.

A rack, on its back

We're looking at the top and front of the rack. Thicker material at top and bottom; thinner on the back. The pegs are dowels that have been filed so the sockets go on easily. The pegs are tall, so the sockets don't wander off TOO easily.

A rack, standing up

The back/top are one piece, and fall flat, ready for the next role.

taken apart

Another view. Double sets of pegs; double sets of holes.

taken apart

Bottom view. You can see the dowels

taken apart

The rack and sockets ready for use.

Ready for action

Take the rack off its base, stand the base on its edge, assemble, lay the assembly on its back, and now it's a tray, ready for the drawer.
All sockets enclosed, so they won't scatter!

Ready to store

Make yourself a Go-Bot for each run of sockets!

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