Carving Tool Go-Bot

Carving Tool Go-Bot

We woodcarvers know that a set of palm chisels is all the nicer when it stands in a rack. It's even better if the rack can quickly fold away into the toolbox, so we can move to where the light is better, or, where the stories are extra good.
The feature list:

We named this a "Go-Bot", after the toys from some years ago that transformed from every-day vehicles into sci-fi robots.

We see a problem the moment we buy those nifty tools: we can't use them straight out of the box! They're lying with the business ends immediately next to the handles. Sorta like playing dare-ya with a cactus.

So, we have a rack with a spot for each tool, and a base with a pair of dowels to hold the rack 2 ways.

We're looking at the top and front of the rack. Thicker and wider pieces at top and bottom; thinner pieces on the sides. The tool-slots have been flared with a Dremel to hold the tools snugly at a certain height. You'll understand why some spare Plexi-glass came in handy.

The back side.

The front side.

The front side, viewed from the bottom. Notice the pairs of 1/2-inch holes, spaced the exact same distance apart.

The base, consisting of 1/4-inch plywood, with a fence on one edge, of 1/2-inch plywood. The dowels are placed to exactly match the pairs of holes in the rack.

Top view of the base.

Back side of the base.

The rack, assembled for traveling. The fence keeps the tools from sliding out.

The rack, set up for use, front-view. The rack is assembled this way to hold the dowels straight in the base while the glue dries.

The rack, set up, back-view.

Carving time! Notice that joints of rack and base are reinforced with small dowels.

Tools, ready to travel

Travel set, viewed from the top.
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